13 Funny Student Pranks On Teacher! School Pranks!

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In our today’s video you’ll find a new awesome back to school prank compilation for Miss Smith. Hope she’ll like our sense of humor and she won’t be very angry! Let’s look some funny school pranks.

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[Music] how to drive Miss Smith mad watch our new funny video with a new compilation of funny school pranks we don’t recommend repeating in class a phone call distracts the teacher it’s time for a prank with a whiteboard marker attach a piece of double-sided mounting tape to a whiteboard marker attach the marker to the board miss Smith can’t find it here it is at the corner but it is hard to take off be careful with the board otherwise we will have to pull you out of blockage but the best prank on Miss Smith is still ahead we have made a water trap for her put a little thing for example a lipstick into a thick clear balloon put on another of the same balloon on top blow up the first balloon a bit and tie it up fill the outer one with water a dry object is hidden safely in the first balloon which floats inside Miss Smith notices an unusual balloon on her desk it looks like her lipstick is entrapped what should she do with it how to take the lipstick out and stay dry Miss Smith is getting ready for the operation she takes everything from her desk and takes a scalpel go ahead miss Smith fortune favors the bold finally she pricks the balloon a squirt of water immediately comes out miss Smith puts her big mug under the fountain to avoid any flood she has to wait for a long time so she can drink some of the water in the meantime Miss Smith watches the fountain and adjusts the squirt finally there is no water inside she can take out her lipstick everybody knows that Miss Smith is terrified of mice but you should face your fears this is why we prepared a little fluffy Mouse to prank Miss Smith by a realistic stuffed Mouse for cats in a pet shop paint the nose of the mouse black attache fishing line to the belly put the mouse onto the teacher’s desk and pull up the line miss miss all in fear jumps up on the desk watch out don’t smash the mouse we want to turn miss Smith’s everyday routine into a real feast how put confetti into a notebook make confetti from color paper using a hole puncher put it into a container and mix with the different types of glitter open an old notebook in the middle cut out a big rectangle from its back close the notebook put the confetti into the hollow place another notebook on top press it tightly and turn it over so that the confetti doesn’t pour out the teacher picks up our notebooks with the homework I put my notebook with the confetti on her desk Miss Smith takes the notebook and surprise it’s made her day shining apparently she is allergic to fun and I have to clean my mess after the feast let’s decorate miss Smith’s most essential accessory her glasses take them away sneakily while she’s distracted oh gosh what can she see through them let’s make the view from her glasses more joyful cut off a piece of wide adhesive tape apply glitter to the sticky side and attach it to the lenses cut off the excess tape along the edges it’s a different story now put the glasses back Miss Smith puts them on but everything around is glittering what’s wrong is it a surprise party or are there unicorn traces oh no it’s my students tricks watch out girls Miss Smith has put on her brightest red lipstick she keeps smirking and flirting with someone on the phone everything suggests that she has finally met a boyfriend I wonder who he is maybe it’s our PE teacher yeah it’s weird to see your strict teacher behaving like a teenager but on the other hand a romantic Miss Smith gives us a good reason to prank her let’s make a beautiful bouquet of flowers makeup okay out of fresh Springs and berries tie it with a ribbon and make a neat bow spray the bouquet with clear polish and sprinkle with glittering stars now decorate the bottom of the bouquet need white and black modeling clay roll out a thin snake of the black clay put it on a sheet of the white clay and cut out a strip wrap the white modeling clay around the black snake and roll it up cut it into small pieces and shape each piece to look like a worm or larva make rounded ends scratch rings on the worms body bend the clay worms a little to make them look more realistic attach them to the bottom Springs of the bouquet with super glue the bouquet with worms is straight from a garden it will certainly make a woman happy complete this romantic set with some delicious candies sex soy sauce into a syringe fill chocolate candies with the spicy filling wrap the candies with wrappers as though nothing is wrong put the bouquet into a vase and voila add a card from a secret admirer ready teleport the vase on to the teacher’s desk send the candies as well miss Smith finds the gifts it’s so unexpected she is sure that it’s a love delivery from her boyfriend marvelous she puts a candy into her mouth and takes the bouquet out of the vase at the same time hoops double straight the candy is too salty and the bouquet is a home for worms ghastly but Miss Smith sees her students laughing so it gives her a clue that her boyfriend has nothing to do with it the girls at the farthest desk are responsible for these shenanigans miss Smith wants to put her documents in order but it looks like the sheet protectors in the folder have closed for a lunch break cover a sheet protector with parchment paper on the opening side heat it with a flat iron does she protect her seals and you can’t open it the teacher tries to open the sheet protector but it’s in vain she just throws away the damaged sheet protector when she grows impatient and declares a war a real star of Instagram should shine let’s apply some glitter to our teacher we walk up to Miss Smith spray her and blow glitter into her face there you go now she is definitely a star we have a new teacher Miss pussycat she is such a nice lady anyway we are going to let her know what awesome pranksters her students are to begin with we’ll put in a weird additive to improve her coffee taste toss any effervescent tablet into a cup of coffee you may put a few ones at once to get more foam we are tossing an effervescent tablet into the teachers cup oh there’s going to be a volcano eruption right now Miss pussycat is puzzled what’s going on I teach math not chemistry what kind of chemical reaction is it she uses plenty of napkins to clean the traces of the weird experiments well apparently she’ll have to get our coffee some other time we sneak in two little friends for Miss pussycat while she is away come on little spiders take a walk cut one finger off an old black glove fill it with cotton hot glue the edges draw eyes and a number one on white paper cut out and attach to the body crack a toothpick and shade it black to make a spider leg hot glue six of the same legs to the sides of the body make spiders number two four and five in the same way the teacher comes back she takes chalk without looking at it oh my god a spider and one more and more what’s this ah they have a number this one is number four and where are the rest here’s the first the second and the fifth one and where’s the third spider it isn’t under the chair or behind the blackboard does it study in a different class has it crawled on my head whew there is no number three miss pussycat has just got over her fear of spiders when suddenly a giant black spider comes down from the ceiling right under her head oh dear trace a big circle on a piece of black fabric using chalk make two identical details cut out two semicircles make eight identical strips out of the same fabric attach four strips opposite each other to the big circle and hot glue the second black circle on top leave a little hole to fill the body was caught in make a spider head out of two semicircles in the same way make eyes from light fabric tie knots at the ends of the legs cut a finger off an old glove and make a nose the teacher quickly hops off her seat and rushes out of the class I didn’t agree to teach spiders no Miss Smith deal with your students on your own and don’t forget to give your thumbs up subscribe to our Channel and click the belt so that you don’t miss new prank ideas

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