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What is the great prank of the Take a watch at this adorable prank we’ve picked out just for you!

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In this video Tyr0ne embarks on a journey to find Tracy. She is from the “Ordering Hooker Prank” where Brown Nerd found her and decided to let Tyr0ne manage her. Where is she? Charger girl auditions? Anyways, Tyr0ne is really sloppy and drops his cocaine all the time. He believes you have test out the Cocaine personally to see if it’s any good. In this “Cocaine Prank” Tyr0ne tries to get an apartment. However, because Tyr0ne is a Bling Pimp Drug Dealer he has to use Cash. He want to avoid background checks as well. As you can see, this creates many problems trying to get an apartment discreetly. Hope you enjoy Tyr0ne and his “cocaine pranks” because this is the funniest cocaine prank ever. Cocaine Pranks are awesome! Pppppeace.

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wait a minute so what is what is all that money – Oh neat surges fell out right now if you want to let me sample some of it and then we can talk with the nmj you want to try it you won’t even let me god I need to try it I wanna bag okay first thing you don’t tell me what we know I’m winning anyway go see Almighty in broad daylight there’s a thousand motherfuckers out here so I don’t know what happened – but hey I get back man Tracy Tracy Tracy Tracy yeah are you Tracy I’m looking for a Tracy the guy Tracy is my highest-earning ho I’m looking for Tracy she owes me money ah ah here you go it’s for you we visit cocaine and cocaine accessories with that caution looked like several thousand dollars yeah I mean it offers a great view again I can go back down and see there’s anything hello this is Tyrone I told you I have a tour right now right now it’s not a good time I can check I just need to check one second for clients I’m looking for Tracy know what she look like Tracy is my highest-earning ho and she owes me money where’s Tracy uh I see one all right real quick – over me could you hold this all right my man oh well that’s good exercise yep what is up guys thanks for watching make sure to follow me on the insuk racks the book of the face the Twatter and the shit snap also don’t forget to share this with your mom and make sure to hit the like button twice in the meantime in between time i’ll have something in the meantime see you guys next time Papa Papa Papa Papa Papa please is

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