Dancing Bboom Bboom In Public Prank!

This awe-inspiring prank is a #adjective one with interesting ideas! The really pulled it off!!! Can they do it again?

By: Tukomi
Channel: Tukomi

Original Description:
Request accepted mga Tuko! Here’s our prank episode doing the famous Bboom Bboom by Momoland in public! We hope you like it! Peace!

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Bboom Bboom – Momoland

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Where can I find Buhangin?
you have to ride
do I have to ride?
bus, I’ll ride a bus?
buhangin, along the airport
bus.. bus, yes?
can you hold this for a second?
I’ll just get my cellphone
thank you very much
is there a way to get to the other island from here?
I’m not sure sir
you can ask people there
if.. if I ride..
is there a boat to take me there
or I’ll have to swim?
get out of here
ah.. so here’s the port..
can I swim from there?
your gonna swim?!
I hope so yes, I would like to take for a swim
going there
going to there?
and you’ll start here?
yes, is that possible?
can I speak visaya?
or youre tagalog?
its okay
my feeling is that. its very deep here. if you start here.
ah, its deep
but, there are plenty of children swims there.
but do they go to the other island?
they’ll ride a boat
from where are you sir?
I’m from there, the other island
from where?
what are you doing??
try it sir
ah okay, thanks
can you hold this for a sec
I’ll just tie my shoes
thank you
continue it bro
can you check this? my speaker is not working speaker
its working
sir, sir,
forgive me, I have sickness
i have a sickeness called “Nancy-iosis”
sir, thanks
its working now
thank you sir
you can ride a taxi
you can ride a taxi

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