Embarrassing Phone Calls in Public PRANK! (Part 3)

Look at this stunning prank! We be nuts about this prank!! So beautiful entertainment!!

By: Jack Denmo
Channel: Jack Denmo

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20,000 Likes and I’ll do Part 4!

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yeah I got my girlfriend pregnant so I think I have to drop it and get a job yeah I know me right hey guys welcome back to my channel today I’m gonna be doing embarrassing phone calls in public part three like there’s bumps all over my ass crack you definitely have something now dude she had three nipples but besides that she was like at least a solid six out of ten I usually I only smash tens but like she had three nipples bro like come on dude that was yo we’re Eskimo buns no dude that’s so jokes man I went down on her and she had a dick bigger than mine right at dude yeah I’m never going back to trappers bro that that was seven no yeah I was looking to a book a spa appointment yeah I was about to sit there yeah it’s my table no no you go back there yeah my toes have been so itchy lately yeah I don’t know I don’t think you can get STDs in your foot but like I have told chlamydia so gross oh my god yeah I don’t know I gave a guy a toe job yeah oh I was so lit yeah yeah I went to trappers you ever heard of that place my nipples could cut glass right now it’s so cool that not dude who’s weird so like I was breastfeeding my dog last night and he’d bent my nipple and now it’s kind of swollen I think it might get infected dude I don’t know you breastfeed your dog right yeah does it hurt dude I’m from st. Catharines man hardest this might sound weird I kind of want to eat your armpit yeah just want to lick your sweat yeah yeah I don’t know like you put it in my butt and then I just passed it yeah babe are you pregnant or just fat like I don’t know what’s going on because you have a big gut now yeah I have no idea no dude the funny thing was I woke up with a dildo in my hand and my butt hurt like what a Friday honestly he was so lit I kind of like stuff up my butt now I don’t know that view yeah I might be gay I don’t know hello nine-one-one I’d like to report a murder so I just murdered some tea yeah what’s up fam still bad dude yeah so this guy was pretty cute so hit a little dick and put it in between my toes and I gave him a little toe e yeah and then he came on my toe yeah oh you’re upstairs okay yeah I’m in the wrong library yes um I just tried taking my table to like you [Music] I kind of want you to lick my armpit yeah that’d be so fun dude it was the first time I banged an armpit but it actually felt really good no she shaved it first of course of course she shaved it dude come on you think I’d bang a hairy armpit no never so good yeah oh dude I’m on the wrong floor bill yeah no it doesn’t hurt it just feels kind of soft I don’t know I kind of like it ya know like I pulled out and she shit all over me yeah it’s pretty wild I don’t I was kind of into it you know college right okay [Music] honestly yeah easily top to where schools McMaster in wealth only idiots go to McMaster yeah no dude I was blackout and he went down on me yeah it’s not gay though bro like we’re still bros yeah no dome doesn’t make you gay bro yeah we’re just like two boys I’m fun yeah trying to get like plenty of guys it’s okay if we use that clip thanks bro but is it cool for you to have you actually have a good day hey guys thanks for watching the video I hope you all enjoyed it if you did be sure to hit that like button and subscribe also if you have an idea for a funny video you want to see next comment below and follow me on Instagram [Music]

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