Kissing Prank – Uber Edition – Prank Invasion 2018

What is the amazing prank of the Take a look at this fancy prank we’ve picked out just for you!!!

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would have been leaders Christi all right so today is uber edition before we get into the video I wanna let you guys know you guys are gonna asking me for years how do I kiss girls with the secret magic thumb here it is I’m giving it away to you guys totally for real all you gotta do is go to prank invasion dot shop put in your address and send you out one of these thumbs for free on to the website there’s two options just a free version which is basically a basic thumb and I’m gonna teach you in a blog video how to put the piece of lead on in five minutes and then there’s the $27.99 option if you want it like pre-made already and you’re too lazy to do any work order it it’ll come with the piece of lead already on it you’ll be ready to use it out of the box what it does basically is you can guess of girls name age number from one to a hundred from one to a thousand I’m gonna go over it at the end of the video you put the the thumb on your finger with a piece of lead you get a pencil and you get a little pad you ask the girl you know what um if I can think of the number you’re thinking about from one to ten you know what one to one hundred I get to kiss you it’s not I’ll give you 200 bucks every girl will agree to that I think of their number look in their eyes you’re like okay got it you pretend you write something down but your write nothing down you hand them the pencil and you say okay I got your number here what number should I’ve written down and they’ll say like 35 and as they say 35 with the piece of lead you’re gonna write 35 well asking them a question like so what’s the chance that I would have gotten 35 and they’ll be like 1 to 100 and then you flip it you show them 35 be freaked the hell out they’ll make out with you it’s the easiest it’s almost too easy it’s almost too easy to kiss girls on the stump and it’s free totally for you guys so get your thumb prank invasion dot chop do it now kiss some girls in Tweedy’s and pictures of you guys kissing girls to Instagram videos can be a lot of fun let’s get into over addition let’s go uber Fuhrer Chris Christopher you mind if I friend films I’m a youtuber and we’re trying like filming a little blog thing that cool um alright here’s the thing I’m not actually I don’t actually need a ride but I wanted to know I’m shitting this video trying to kiss sexy uber drivers and I want to know if you’ll play a quick game where I can guess the number you’re thinking of from 1 to 100 I get to kiss you and if not I’ll give you $200 yeah are you down okay cool yeah why don’t you that side is that cool alright okay so I want you to think of any number from 1 to 100 just think it don’t tell me ok and just are you think of it yeah ok I think I know what it is let me write it down okay I’ve written it down hold a pencil let me show the camera okay what number should I have written down here 72 what’s the chance out of all the numbers I wrote 70 to 100 right yeah 72 you got a kissing me 200 bucks okay I actually don’t need a ride you are like the cutest uber driver that I’ve seen all night I’m doing this video for you to buy my filmer he’s over there I’m trying to kiss the sexiest uber girls and if you don’t kiss me the whole video is not gonna work so I want to know if you play a quick game with me if I can guess what number you’re thinking of from 1 to 100 I get to kiss you but if I can’t I’ll give you five hundred dollars in cash all right here’s how the game works you’re gonna think of any number from 1 to 100 and if I don’t get it right you get $500 but if I do get it right you gotta kiss me ok ok so think of that number in your mind right now don’t tell me you have it yeah okay let me write it down all right hold the pencil so what was the number you were thinking of that I should have written down here ok what’s the chance I’d pick 5 out of every number you look like you’re freezing here I got 5 you gotta kiss me [Music] [Music] all right so here’s the game you’re gonna think of any number you want from 1 to 100 the first number that pops in your head okay and if I can get that number I get to kiss you are you down yeah you’re down okay cool all right so just think about it in your head you got it okay let me write it down all right hold the console so I wrote the number you’re thinking of right here what was it so what’s the chance that I would write 77 out of all the numbers from 101 and a hundred right [Music] all right guys seriously I keep getting the why do so many dudes have to drive over okay let me say new ride all right this is like the 15th ride uber X here we go confirm confirm finding a ride connecting you eight nearby drivers girl girl girl girl no if the dude cancel how did I cancel X oh wait Oh cancer here we take the cancer I ride yes cancel yeah all right thanks for sticking through that kind of long intro I have to kind of explain how the thumb worked but basically it’s not just about kissing you get girls numbers one of the most amazing things and the way I’ve gotten so many dates you basically grill up thing girls love horoscope they want to know that you’re like like you guys are meant to be so what I tell girls is you know what you’re beautiful if I can get your number from one to ten we got you know what one to one hundred you know what one to a thousand I can guess the number you’re thinking therefore one to a thousand you’ve got to go out on a date with me if not I’ll never talk to you again every girl will say yes because they love fate they love babe so again how does it work think of the number of your mind from one to a thousand you look into their eyes like you’re really like you know figuring it out you pretend your rights have been down the number we handle the pencil you tell them I wrote it down whatever you think you know they’re gonna say 666 as they say it you’re writing it down 666 while asking them a question but you’re doing it like this right so they don’t see what you’re doing they can’t see anything what’s the chance out of guessed your number I’ll be like one in a thousand you’re like well I guess we’re meant to be they’ll go crazy you’ll get your date you’ll get laid you don’t even know any magic if you’re the thumb you can do this it’s free it’s pretty guys I’m not charging for it’s free um the free version 3 is 3 3 okay if you want a pre-made you’re lazy with the with the thing or the pencil already in there it’s $27.99 if you want to use it on the box but if you get the free version it’ll take like five minutes of work at your house to set it up so that’s that prank invasion shop I love you guys so much and I will catch you on the next video

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