This beautiful video is the beautiful prank our dad could find for you today! nice entertainment. 😀

By: Prettyboyfredo
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Public Proposal gone wrong. We did this prank just to see what kind of reaction we would get from the crowd. There were alot of people laughing & not many people helpful of someone who had gotten rejected…. We encourage all of our subscribers to help someone when they have fallen down . Rather than kick them while their already down.
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hey you guys good can we bring it in a little tighter like right here like right over here she’s on the way any minute now I’m going to propose to my girlfriend I’m gonna propose ringing ah come on let’s bring it on when I’m at a little tight if you bring a little tighter guys 23 and I’m about to propose to my girlfriend greatest moment of my life right here life-changing let’s bring together guys a little bit closer all right uh-oh I think I see her oh I think I see her come on [Applause] [Music] it is proposing right wait now thank you come on baby you made everything to me these past four years have been the greatest years of my life I’ve been waiting for this moment and I’m finally here and happy I’m finally here and I’m happy and I’m ready to make you mine I just have one question baby get this motherfucker ring Matt shit there we go at one question will you marry me [Applause] [Music] just uh just uh [Music] [Applause] [Music] it’s all good guys you know what I’m overcoming something big maybe you ready I don’t know man I’m nervous I think I’m nervous man I’m really curious and I’m wondering to see like how many people are gonna laugh you don’t say like how many people are gonna laugh at the fact that my girl said no in today’s society people thrive off of failure you know I’m saying it they don’t they don’t wanna see you away they’ll want to see wedding oh that wasn’t line oh I don’t doubt it you know some people gonna be passing shit and I don’t doubt I’m a pretty positive majority of the people they should feel sad cuz obviously if I sing some shit like that yesterday was crazy bro oh my god I did not expect to get the reactions that I got like one person helped me up bro I couldn’t believe it dawg it was crazy man big salud to that one guy that had the courage to come and help me up run the guy didn’t even spoke English that’s the crazy shit he wasn’t even from here bro had the courage to not just stand there record me pulse it in to actually come and help me up pick me up up off my feet gotta do better than this guy’s not absolutely encourage all of my subscribers to help someone when they falling down you never know if one day you’re put in that situation and you need a helping hand from a stranger although there won’t be any engagement or any proposals or babies anytime soon I do have a big surprise for Jasmine I was at the mall and I picked up Jasmine something nice oh yes hold on let’s get a night oh yeah let’s get a nice focus and on now yes been together for four years and I just want to give her I’m just gonna give her something to show her how much I love her now how much I care for her we both understand each other we’ve talked do we know that we don’t want to be engaged or do any of that type of stuff no time soon but this is the perfect I think a perfect way to show her that I love her and I care for her so much now I’m bringing you guys with so that I can share this special moment with you guys let’s go baby baby what’s up baby now yesterday we had a lot of fun doing that room doing that little public prank but today I have something special for you are you ready no you’re not really all right of course I ain’t proposing I know shit like I know but I do I have a special surprise for you are you ready okay here we go on the count of three close your eyes on the count of three one two three open your eyes open you got open Hey babe oh my god so that is for you from seriously to you yes always beautiful a ring just to tell you how much I love you and how much I care for you and I know when the day comes you know he sent for me to propose you’ll say no right no better not oh my god thank you thank you and so as you guys can see we are fucking happy and we just encourage you guys to help so you know help people maybe you see some wolf ball encourage them push them to do to do better next time you don’t stand rather they kick them where they’re down you know and tweet about it it’s you know I’m saying it was kind of sad but it was a good you know a little experiment good a little prank we have a lot of fun I love you oh you looking at your eggs you love it I love you I love you guys so much but y’all hate that like but man more videos on the motherfucker in the home like you afraid to touch in East Beach you watch it one time baby look she loving that ring you love it alright she loving that they say we’re time gang shit look [Music]

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