Remote Controlled ALLIGAT0R Prank! (G0ne Wr0ng)

This smart video is the amazing prank our dad could find for you today! stupendous comic!!! 😀

By: Ireland Boys Productions
Channel: Ireland Boys Productions

Original Description:
Remote Control ALLIGATOR prank! (GONE WRONG)

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The Ireland Boys did a Remote Control Alligator PRANK! We took this fake remote control alligator to a river and did a public prank where we used the rc boat and controlled the fake gator head to prank people! This public prank got intense and went wrong! SMASH the like button 👍if you enjoyed this remote controlled alligator prank and we will do MORE in the FUTURE! Always remember to stay positive, have fun, and do the right thing!

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you know watch out watch out oh shoot it’s going right for you sorry I’ve taken a report and refer to those days yiii guys welcome back for today’s video inspired by Jukes go out we are taking this fake alligator head and putting it on top of this RC bo and taking it to River and trying to prank people and let me just say when we did this prank things got intense out of hand you have to stay to the very end to see exactly what happened but trust me it was one of the craziest stories and things that has ever happened to us but before we get in the video we dropped new merch just in time for Halloween right here we got the IVP logo caught up in a spiderweb got a cool design on the back as well you know it looks kind of boring no just black and white but it doesn’t end there it’s simple snap of the fingers boom yes you saw that right it glows in the dark it’s only available for a limited time so if you want it the link is in the description but we got to get in this crazy vid [Music] oh shoot going for scared right [Music] and this right here my friends is where this story begins on the river that day you would just meet Ricki and our friend Theo Gogh right here we were just on the river with the alligator having a dandy day we were doing a little controlling and we thought nothing of it and then suddenly someone who reported us to the lifeguards so the lifeguards came over and they were like yo Oh is there a snake around and then they found out that there was no snake it was us controlling your remote control alligators so they said you guys can’t be doing that but then kindly we asked them if if we get permission from your higher-ups we would be able to do this prank so they said sure why not they took us to management and we asked them can we have permission to do this prank and they said you guys have full range of the park it was a collective group of the employees so we thought man we’re good for the rest of day there’s no troubles no worries the lifeguards got a call insane there was a giant snake in the river they came over here right where we placed the Gator and we thought we were getting the boot we thought we it was a guaranteed kick out but somehow we managed to talk to them everyone there it was super cool and they’re like yo you got free range in entire pranks go yeah so we’re here the whole day we’re posting up and we have no fear of getting kicked because they gave us permission dude oh no what’s fake man it’s just a remote controls so we continued doing the prank everyone was having a good laugh even after we pranked him some people got scared but after they all laughed about it until one big cheese-eating lady you had to get triggered came along and just roll the clip don’t watch out watch out oh shoot it’s going right for you sorry right after that we apologize to her and her children said you’re super sorry for pranking them we weren’t even trying to pray kids but right before they came down the river a group of kids came down the river we pranked him they were all laughing so he liked me and we’ll give it a try on these parents and these kids and I mean just tell me yeah this mom was not having it that day I don’t know what she ate her breakfast but she was absolutely triggered so she comes storming up out of the river absolutely cheese she’s like I bet you guys didn’t have permission I even have permission from the management I bet you did not have permission from the manager and I had to tell her that we actually did we are not okay so at this point she just does not believe but she’s like I don’t believe it I’m taking into management headquarters so we walk up there I tell her man you can ask all you want but we already got permission we walk right into where all the lifeguards are and what we thought at the time was the top tippy tier management even though it wasn’t keep that in mind it’s gonna be important later on in the story she told them that we were pranking her and she wants us to be kicked out of the park immediately all the employees say man you just got a hold your horses take it easy they say that we can continue doing our prank the lady that we prank was not having at all so far everyone’s like been laughing people that want to think that’s funny well I mean like you’re the only one so far that has got really mad so she heads off to the front desk to try to complain to someone else we tell all the employees yeah we’ll leave right now if you guys want us to we don’t want to cause any more trouble than what has already happened and they say no you guys are fine continue doing your praying you’re good so we’re starting to walk back to where we were phoning the prank in this little Cove area and on the way there the real management comes up I’m not gonna expose your name we’re just gonna call her head management lady she comes up immediately ERD has like a little bit of hostility you can hear it in her voice she’s coming after us saying yes and we were like your employees gave us permission I didn’t even know you existed I didn’t know there was a manager above the management sure she follows us back to the cove she asked us to pull this thing out when she sees this she was like no stay right here back in this little cove that we’re in what are we gonna wait here come sit right tell me what we’re gonna wait here for go sit I want to be here for because I don’t want anyone to live she walks off at this point me you and Nick all look at each other and relay yo she’s calling the cops she’s telling cops right now so we got a dip house because we’ve been in this situation before and when someone says stay right there ninety nine point eight five seven percent of the time it means they’re calling the cops we did not want to wait there for hours and most of all we did not want to waste the officers time it’s a big waste of his time for something that is just a little joke so we all look at each other and we’re like we’re gonna walk off and they can’t do anything if there’s not a police officer on duty they cannot physically touch you and they cannot physically detain you if you’ve done nothing wrong and at this point we’ve done nothing wrong so we walk right past you all three of us Nix carried a bunch of stuff us carrying a bunch of stuff I’m carrying the camera no recording the whole time keep that in mind that’s gonna come in porting later on in the story we walked past had me lady and she’s like what do you think your new buds and we say ma’am we’re walking out of here and there’s nothing you’re gonna do about it because we have done nothing wrong fw thing that’s your choice should we continue walking she says you guys get back to your no you can’t be doing that ma’am we have to leave and you know that you can legally not detain us so we continue marching on our way right now they’re calling the cops so we got a dip out of here even though we got permission there was one cheeser lady so that means they’re trying to detain us right now we’re walking out of here before anything bad happens in the situation escalate to another level no need for none of that to happen and yeah we’re just in not here at this point a few more employees start following behind her and we get the sense that something’s about to go down you could just feel this is where it got like more intense so we’re on the pathway to the exit right over here and all of a sudden from behind us you can your head management lady go and then she starts describing all three of us okay I wasn’t like that much but it was kind of like that it was kind of like that though we’re on this pathway and if you follow it and go right you get to the exit and get to the parking lot if you go left there’s a patch of grass and then a wall about four feet high and then a three foot like spiky fence that you see in those like horror movies so me feeling Nick I’ll just look at each other we’re not saying anything at this point we all just know how to like talk without talking and then our minds are saying in your voice we got a bolt and sprint out of here before something goes down so we start walking a little faster towards the exit and then you see four employees or security guards I don’t know what they were but they start blocking the exit and like coming towards us so we start bolting mainly me and Theo Nick has a bunch of stuff so he’s going pretty slow I’m leading the pack combing the whole thing and I’m thinking the only way we’re getting out of here without being detained is hopping the fence so that’s what we do right there I’m halfway on the outside of the fence halfway in the part and my balls get caught with too much information no bro this is important to the story my balls get caught on the fence and I’m like yo I am done because I see one of the security guards Ronnie after me and Theo in the front leading the pack and he goes for the tackle and tacklers feel down to the ground Walt Theo was holding on to the fence ripped him right off the fence part of the fence snaps off and then he goes for me but when he goes for me he doesn’t pull he goes for like a little push he pushes me over and I fall into a bush on the outside of the part if he would have pulled me in let’s just say my balls my that’s it the ball you got the point you get the point so I saved I’m on the outside of the fence in the parking lot I’m thinking I’m getting out here we’re gonna be good Nick still waddling wet in the back way and I’m watching this all happen I see Ricky and Theo climbing the fence about 30 feet apart of me not reporting the alligator and the boat because when I started running the boat fellow so I’ll just like oh dang it is like something out of a movie man when the guy tackled Theo the guy fell down but Theo somehow managed to stay on his feet he gets up with the cooler and all of his stuff runs right past all the employees through the exit meets me on the outside and we just looked at each other again and say yo we gotta make it to the car so we start sprinting none of the employees can keep up with us except for this one super athletic guy he was pretty quick so if you and I make it all the way to the end of the parking lot and were like yo we passed the car so we have to go back towards the employees we see Theo’s car Theo hops in the driver seat I hop in the passenger seat but one athletic guy hops right in front of Theo’s car and the locks us in giving time for all the slower employees to come up I would say there’s about four employees surrounded the US car taking picture of his license plate and min Theo just said to each other man there’s no way we’re getting out of here because they’re blocking us in so I step out of the car and at this point I think Nick still in the park waddling his way but that was not the case while all this is happening Ricky and Theo arsenal a perfect diversion pretty boy even though I don’t mean one cuz I’m a ninja while all the employees are over there talking to Ricky and Theo trying to capture them keep them locked in the park I just simply walk over the fence because all the employees over there no one’s looking at me and I hide behind a bush for about 20 minutes I think Nick is still in the park being detained but I was I’m walking back towards the park and as I get closer the employee behind me says sir do not enter the park and I say sir I have to enter the part you detained my brother illegally and you know you cannot do that and then I announce to everyone at the ticket booth at the front all the employees I say I’m walking in like Conor McGregor and there’s nothing you’re gonna do so I start moving my hands like McGregor doing the little waddle waddle the employee at the front says sir I’ve been asked to mouth at you and she’s sitting there like this with their arm out I said ma’am please move I must get my brother she moves her arm out of the way steps aside and I walk right through the gate like common Gregor and right then the employee that tackled Theo pointed to me and said I assaulted the front entrance lady when I didn’t even come close to touching her and I’ll Stroman the whole thing by my side SOI told him sir I didn’t even come close to touching her I to her she even looked surprised and at that point a few more employees join in and keep saying I assaulted her I assaulted her and this is where I got heated I’ll admit it I started saying no way because if five employees say that and I’m just a little kid who knows I could be going to jail for that and then I remember I was filming the whole thing so I told him I was filming there’s nothing you can say and you know I didn’t even touch her and we go back and forth arguing for maybe 10 minutes I turn around and I see Nick out of the corner of my eye I’m like yo how did you get out here he just looks at me and he gives me a 9 so I say run to the car we start running no we’re going I don’t want to go to the CIO’s car because they have a blocked in and I don’t want to go to my car because they’ll surround it and they’ll block us in so I go to a fake car a car that is not mine all the employees catch up to us they surround the car they think they got us I don’t know they didn’t because it wasn’t our car so then I tell Nick run to the real car and we go to another fake car the employees follow us there and they think that’s the real car cuz they one thing a little kid like me would think of an elaborate parent this but I did on the fly so then I’m like yo one two the actual real car my blue two hundred thousand mile old beat-up minivan we did there and by that point there’s probably 10 15 employees throughout the parts that are on golf carts on foot and it’s just three of us there’s no chance that we get out of there we kept trying to reason with them and we kept saying please let us go let us go let us go and they kept saying no no and I just went back and forth for maybe 45 minutes to an hour way too long and we knew that the cops are on the way and the employees knew the cops are on the way because they stinking called him and as the cops are getting closer the guy who tackled Theo and accused me of assaulting the lady when I walked back into the park said sunny boy you better watch out when the cops come cuz you’re gonna get charged for assault and I said sir I don’t think you want to keep saying that because I have footage of me walking right past her without even touching her at all and I said sir you straight up tackled my friend and physically assaulted him by dragging him off the fence and then right then he started backing off the story you started saying I don’t know what you’re talking about talking about I’m a poignant man because I don’t I don’t know what you guys are saying and right when they realized that I had the whole thing on recording they started changing the story a little bit back in off being a lot less aggressive so we waited there for maybe 10 15 more minutes the cops finally arrived and we had to talk to the cops for about two hours and the cop concluded that all we would have to get is a simple one-year trespass for each of us one year these are physical trespass warning so if I go back in the part until September 30th of 2019 if we go in before that we get arrested so that took a large chunk out of our day talking to the police talking to management and we did not get to go back out and finish the fake alligator prank so if you guys want us to go back out make sure to smash the like button we will be back there next year we will do more of these if you want to see them on a different River though because if you don’t want to go to jail we absolutely love you guys and until next time we ballin we pas de cheaper nothing now we something door papi

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