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TEXTING PRANK GONE WRONG! Text Prank where I text a wrong number/person! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! LAST TEXT PRANK Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack!

Whats up guys, we’re doing Another texting prank Video, and if you guys Enjoyed this Video and want to see more make sure to leave a like.
You know were like where I get People’s Number off craigslist
So if They’re Selling Something on craigslist They Have Their number Listed and Guess who took Their Number and is Wrong Texts Pranking them.
Yeah that’s what, we’re Doing except Today I?
Am Getting Scammers Numbers Like People selling Things for an unreasonable Amount People selling Fake Yeezys someone Selling a used
XBox for $300 I know Some of These might be a little mean but I
Don’t have an Excuse Let’s get Started so i texted it Around 50 People Today most People
Didn’t Reply or replied With Wrong number but I did Manage to get A couple Quality
Conversations out of This Let’s start off With this Dude I texted him a pic of A hot Dog I
Was like hey Daddy go on and it’s something to a pic of a pickle hey
What you Call a picture of a pic of a pickle
He’s like what Else Let’s send Them a nice Crispy Pic of
Chips… potato chips Damn you’re Making my Hungry Baby
Wrong Number, sorry
No I think you have the right Number
Right as in I’ma A text and Misspelled right because it Is the wrong right, oh?
do I who’s This
he Says Daddy send me a pic of you I’m gonna send them the hot dog Because that’s what I initially sent him I
Sent him A hot dog Which is a pic of Me and I was like hey Daddy
Because I’m the hot, dog he’s like a baby you Look so nice I could eat you up
wrong Number Bro I told you i’m Daddy I didn’t reply to him and he
Was like Hello Baby Reply I haven’t Had this much Action since Bush was president, oh?
feel Bad for my dude Right here Anybody want to give This guy more Action he
Was telling You yo Cards for like Hella Expensive I literally Just Googled sexy Selfie and I got this Pick
So all these Girls are like Instagram models
Nowadays So it’s like I have no idea Who this Is or Any of the Pictures that I’m using so yeah
So i said A couple of People this pic I, was like hey Daddy hi, You have the wrong Number
Who the duck are you?
This is ethan’s wife oh?
Shit This Is my favorite part when the wife Takes her Husband’s Phone and starts replying for him
this happend to me last time they always get like REALLY mad
Oh Shit He’s Married ethan didn’t tell me he, was Married she’d be like yo are you shela, tell me now everything what have you done
Who are you!
Where did You meet
Meet as in Meet i could go for, some steak right now
Never Contact my Husband ever again you Stupid Slut
I’m surprised She’s so stupid with u and not two O’s?
okay, Let’s give it to her sorry Wrong Number I’m Doing a, text prank I
Got your Number off Craigslist and
Pranking People Pranking
Not Prancing
Never Contact this Number again, We have a family and Three dogs
Oh my god the poor dog this Is so Bad now There’s no Room for another bitch
Little Illiterate Housewife Spin Some hot Fire Now
Yamame I got hella Roasted right There Dinner Is still in The oven I just took out the trash
You’re the trash by the way
Damn okay she want to be Rude I could play this Shit right Back Tell ethan not to call me again, okay?
Brah Listen Be truthful with me how, do you know, him he Said he don’t know you I
Don’t know Take me out of Attraction I’ll tell you i mean Apparently she put Me in the trash Where I belong and
You want to just sit in your Backyard and Talk Through the trash then?
Take Me out of the trash and I’ll give you your answers
My God She’s like are you outside my home you’re I don’t know if This woman Is some lyrical
Roasting Master Right gum Ghostwriter
I don’t know She’s Literally Dumb I mean She can’t Tell the Difference between Meat and Meat
But she could. Sip that hot fire yet, sorry I’m Trash I cannot answer your Questions at this Time
You’re all wasting my Time
Stop Texting me
ethan Doesn’t like big Boobs Anyway
She’s Literally upset then you day
My Husband Is not Gay you, text me One more Time I’m Calling Police
Okay I think
We should leave real Long We Should We Should Leave her alone I think Through this other Guy the same Thing I
Was like Hey Daddy Not yet but my wife is Pregnant
Smiley Face you
Have the wrong Number
You are Obviously my dad you Just don’t know it yet, don’t play dumb Winky Face
Who are you how
do you know my Husband all of These Girls it’s like
Their Husbands Texts Are Being sent to Their Phone and They See them and They’re like hey
Did your head get
Me dan that’s a crazy here i mean Damn I was Crazy I’m Seriously if Someone Texted Sausage hey Daddy?
I would Freak out to Mac i’m alive I
Probably Be Worse Than Them I would Probably Ddos Them get Their exact Location I’ll Probably go to our House Beat Have A civil Conversation
And get some answers out of her back to this Is that he’s Daddy am
What does that mean yes he will be A father soon what do you mean af and why?
Do you send him a Picture of you
Because He’s my Daddy duh he’s Not your Daddy!
Listen Please Stop Texting me he Is my Husband and Not your Daddy I don’t know who you are but you need to leave Us
Alone Damn
Well I’ll tell you why, I’m doing this, well Technically you’re Seconding Me and why you selling Fake Easy’s on Craigslist for?
Like They’re Fake
Don’t Fake
He’s like you wants to Buy fake you fool you are Scamming
Someone Calls you on Us on Fake Easy’s do you want to Buy?
They Are Real I have a receipt from the ez Store
Don’t you get up from his Knees as your there’s no such thing as a Easy Store
There’s no Such Thing as an Easy Store I find that for nine Fifty at
Sell Them for five Hundred They are a good deal
Boy if You got some for nine Fifty you got gypped because if You Buy
Them From the Ez Store They’ll be like 350 right I don’t know like everything about Easy’s I know
They’re Like 350 They’re Not They’re Not 950 Retail
Scammer Got Scammed, Let’s Try This again I texted This Person before the same Thing I
Was like Hey Daddy what you do It and then they?
Were like bitch who are you why are you texting my boyfriend at 10 p.m.
You know what he’s Sleeping outside you Can, come get him
I am Done With this Shit I bet right after she sent me that
Was like Jail Wrong Number I meant to Text you are your Baby Clothes Still for sale Because she was?
Selling Baby Clothes and it Accidentally Texted you instead of my Daddy so i mean it’s plausible I do like
Oh Shit I’m sorry yes They are?
Well i hope your baby Clothes sell because I am not interested
and the last one I texted this Dude before I was like hey Daddy miss you and he
Was like I think You Have the wrong Number but if You’re Looking For a Daddy it Can
Be me Winky Face and Then I didn’t Reply to him as I’m like 10 minutes Later he, was like Those Eyes?
Hmm you are Hottie Sweetie
They Send me a Pic I’m not gonna Show his face, oh Boy
He sent me a Selfie of his 60 year Old ass and was like I hope you like older Guys
But i said you Look like an Old Harry Potter
Very Old he Does he Look Exactly like if you have to save glasses and Everything and Then Dirty Old fool
Was like but will you Let Me in Your Chamber of Secrets I?
am done I am done With this but Anyways that’s all for Today I hope you guys Enjoyed this Video Comment Below and Let me
Know what I should do for the next Text prank Video Which Should I text the poor Craigslist Folk
Let me Know in The Comments Below and Make Sure you smile I invited up right and Make Sure You turn on Notifications
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