The Next Step – Prank Calling The Cast // Brit & Bren

This stupendous video is the unbelievable prank our mom could find for you today! huge entertainment. 😀

By: Bren
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We pranked some of Bren’s cast mates from The Next Step!





camera number is blocked right is recording it’s recording we’re just testing to see how light does that one into and if I stop here if I step here if I step close if I step back he’ll uh huh hey nonny nonny no he don’t even I don’t know kiddo kiddo kiddo Kino Kino Kino Kino Kino Kino Kino Kino Kino Kino yeah okay kisses and hugs oh we’re feeling wild we have gotten a bunch of requests to do a video like this and now you’re doing it for you so we are prank calling some of my cast mates from the next step okay go No they have no idea so this will be really funny yeah we really haven’t told them we’re renovating we’re debating like like we called them and then reveille minal them and they’re like acts along with it but no we didn’t do that so they might like stop calling we should maybe okay what should our first character be we’re calling Marcel from seeds hi there this is Tammy Holly from tinder am I speaking with Juan Luis oh is this ship Juan Luis is this Marcel from seeds you are live on brand call video with Breton bride Jackie it said you had one planned you can think of really yeah scuze me hello smell like chicken did you just say that okay well we’re off the call in the next next up cat so uh oh hi is this uh miss Byng uh hi this is Henry calling for Metro movement I’m their new assistant hi hi I was just I had a question about your file here um it’s just that you have been in to take a ballroom class in a little while and we were just wondering if you were still ready to go for salsa 101 class Oh what are you busy with with work what do you do Oh my student we have I’m sorry I’m sorry but how old are you in our system it says that you’re 28 here no it’s miss Shelby babe yeah yeah um so so so um this is Brennan yeah we’re doing another reading a prank call the next perfect it’s great oh my god I had nothing bad Wow Henry calling from mother movement well cuz I know she takes classes there so oh hi this is Adam are we selling I think we’re selling it we’re calling Victoria hi there this is Pamela Colin do I have miss bulbs are yeah this is Miss helvis ro hi my name is Pamela and I’m calling from a new tea line we were looking over your Instagram profile and we saw that you partnered with Flat Belly tea now should contract up with them Oh amazing we uh we have we’re actually a new tea company called clean you out now let me put my representative online clean you out yes hi this is Adam calling from clean you out tea no this is Adam Pamela stepped off the line for now I’m a sales representative on the case hi yes do I sound familiar have you ever been down south where mouth Oh we’ll see I’m in Alabama so we must have just missed each other Oh perhaps I’ve never been there either haven’t really left my little bubble melilla cleaned me out bubble now I’ll tell you a little bit about a product so you basically drink 1 to 2 cups you’re on the can for about 10 to 15 hours and after that it feels as though just nails on a chalkboard just went down your intestines you’re just cleaned out you drop about a hundred pounds just like that did you hear that lemme yeah just a hundred you look skinny as ever love you love you nice oh okay okay Britney Raven oh I know what to do I know it’s do for Britney no no no she she wants to get hair extensions hi there is this miss Raymond no no this is a Henry from beauty supply outlet I’ve been speaking with your YouTube partner and she mentioned something about hair extensions and we actually snuck in last night measured your head and we have a pair waiting for you in the store yeah so I was wondering could I come by later and put them on while you’re sleeping again you won’t even know wake up with long hair luscious locks sound it does hi there my name’s Rebecca um I hope I’m calling Isaac I am having actually met you I am I just I thought you’re really cute and I got my your number from my friend Sarah who actually dances at your studio and yeah I’m just trying to be morally bold and like independent woman so I thought I’d just give you a call and see if you’re free to hang out sometime oh my god this is such a bad idea I’m so sorry okay okay reasons oh let you answer don’t hi um this is the Liam calling I think we may be Matt like maybe twice um but my friend Sarah goes to your studio and I don’t know she was trying to like make me feel a little more confident myself and said that since I have such a big crush on you I should just call it so like I don’t know if you want to like maybe go out time but we could play like Call of Duty together or like I don’t know go on a bike ride or I yeah so um just like call me back okay I love you so much uh-huh this is my gonna get our voice sort of whatever y’all know I’m gonna text em okay how are we saying to Jenny um oh it’s Jenny Lake she just bought a condo so it should be something about like homeowners hi there’s a Miss deposit my name is Shelley I’m calling from the homeowners association I didn’t pass you over to a specialist hello hi there is this Miss Pappas did I say that correctly yeah hi this is a Tim calling we just thought we had some suspicious activity in your condo unit the other day I was wondering if I could have a minute of your time well I don’t know if you’ve had your windows installed recently or if there was maybe an air leak but our security system picked up a weird activity at about 4:00 p.m. I don’t know if you were home but we got a call from inside your unit from a man uh upon further inquiry it seemed as though there had been an intruder was it was someone maybe staying at your place the other day it was the the 14th the 14th around 4:00 p.m. this is Homeland Security yes were actually brought on by the condo company they’ve uh they’ve bought us it’s a big sore us Jenny it’s ready haha I was like I can’t think of a kind of a company sorry it sounded funnier in my head I’d realize I was going I was like this is scary oh my god really what company and I couldn’t remember this is bread also we were doing like I’m Jenny Britton brown call prank call the next step cast really yeah okay love you right oh my god that was like scared me like always so real I was like so we got a call from a manic language this I started sending the fear like I know I was I got I couldn’t handle okay good those are great call videos we hope you enjoyed and you’re not sweating as much as we are I’m actually I’m exciting 3d shirt so make sure my subscribe your channel and comment below what you got in this video and if you liked it give it a big thumbs up leave a comment and we will see you on Sunday [Music]

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