Top 3 Scary Pranks 2018 – Ultimate Scare Prank Compilation

What is the perfect prank of the Take a view at this great prank we’ve picked out just for you!

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[Music] [Music] [Music] it’s a puto what the fuck are you doing butoh I’m doing a video shuttle and you’re doing it without me I’m getting in the shit bro fuck yeah let’s do it man let’s go [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] oh shit it’s a prank it’s a prank it’s a prank right that camera has defrag oh thanks for watching our video guys top-notch gang make sure to subscribe guys hit the notification bar so you guys don’t miss out any future videos our gonna jump cuz we hit it 2018 oh I got a question of the day guys what would you do with the million dollar [Music] hey guys welcome back to the channel thank you so much coming back guys just before I start a video Bailey how many likes so we’re gonna get if we don’t I don’t know if it just do it bring those away match up I’m gonna give you five seconds five four three what also guys I just wanted to sign massive thank you to ad birdie comm for sponsoring this video if you are in school or college and struggling with your assignments essays or whatever anybody has Supes partners endure for years I hit the link down below and yeah you can get some others to do it for you okay guys so as you can see I’m currently with Bailey so that means I’m not pranking Bailey or Bailey’s not pranking me today and my date is currently out of town on some business trips so the only one we can prank today is my girlfriend Bailey explain and what we’re gonna do guys what we’re gonna do is you’ve got two months over here once is creepy to go smart it’s almost like this one’s on what’s that really scary movie described it’s like a dodgy version of a scream mask and then we got she’s gonna get here and Brittany’s gonna scare the living shit out of us so here is the plan my girlfriend is due over in about thirty minutes but we’re not gonna prank her when she gets here we’re gonna wait till she gets here she’s gonna be here for maybe an hour too so it doesn’t seem suspicious at all and then what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna act like me and Bailey have to go somewhere for like an hour so she’ll be here alone then me and Bailey will leave the house and then probably like half an hour after we leave the house she’ll probably be in my bedroom hopefully and by then if I leave it about half now she won’t sort of think it is me or Bailey and she’ll be really really scared hopefully and then the plan is me and Bailey are gonna approach the house my bedroom is actually at the front of the house and it’s got like windows and you can see straight through the windows then man Bailey are gonna start knocking on the windows and basically act like we’re they’re trying to kill my girlfriend and she has never never seen this mask or the other screen mask so yeah she’ll have no idea all right put the mask on and show them what you’re gonna look like by oles turn vegan if you guys didn’t know how was it my out oh my god and on my hand drive back it looked really bad I know I don’t give me hay it’s gonna find a way and watch it babe if you guys haven’t seen the video where I died Bailey’s head blue will be linked down below that is the cause of his hair just being all weird odd colors all the time also guys just add Mike go for an is terrified of anything the slightest bit scary I always try to put like a scary movie on and she like absolutely shits ourselves look it up yeah I’ll be at your house doesn’t know that it’s made by the wigger we are gonna disguise ourselves I’m the way these black track pants she has never seen before old track pants and then it’s all black hoodie so I’m gonna be black on black oh my god you look freaked yeah that so when we approach from outside this is what she’s gonna see so she’s gonna see us straight away and probably people pants so it’s been about two hours me and Bailey managed to get out the house we have driven around the corner from our house she just thinks me and Bailey need to go the shops she has no idea what we’re doing we got the mascot that’s who now we are about to approach the house the GoPro is rolling in my bedroom guys shit it’s about to go down she’s gonna absolutely shit herself enjoy make sure you hit the thumbs up and hopefully we get a good reaction [Music] why Donna [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you okay is a oh yeah sorry that wasn’t funny is going to die don’t love nobody what are you wearing did you recognize her no sorry okay guys nice the end of the video you did enjoy hit the thumbs up on Bailey hose on top [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] Oh what’s up man sweet gig Halloween cousin no okay ah [Music] you wanna play no I’m good what are you talking about do you want to play [Music] [Music] [Applause] fuck you guys the four make sure to subscribe to my channel and turn the notifications on so you don’t miss another episode and go check on my boy AJ for some hope he’s really in the description follow me too [Music] you [Music] [Music]

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