Ultimate FUNNY Public Pranks 2017 – Try Not To Laugh Challenge

What is the stunning prank of the Take a look at this incrediblel prank we’ve picked out just for you!!!

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Ultimate FUNNY Public Pranks 2017 – Try Not To Laugh Challenge
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shit excuse me rose you know where I can find some frats around here yeah yeah you came to the right people breath great wait up good you can come here is there like hot babes sir do you think they’ll like this oh thank you so much I don’t know if you noticed or not but does it look like I rip my pants oh no [Music] [Music] this is the library it is it’s right there oh okay cool thank you appreciate it [Music] [Music] I’m coming here next year is wondering like where to find like eternities like where to sign up they have like a little event that goes run where you go and like see little ones I’m pretty sure they do oh shit I mean I think I’m this hall over here like there’s people like joining clubs I’m sure those people who go to school together for I lost my pants being that girls will like this next year show have a good one is it close to guys on camera a hosta thank you excuse me ladies excuse me yes yes sir all right see you later bye all right bye hi what’s your name hi Emily my name is Cody yeah nice to meet you too so I’m actually kind of like lost right now yeah I’m a little lost I’m looking for your number and I’ve been searching for it for like days now I can’t seem to find it and I was hoping that you could steer me in the right direction Oh back then like two seconds ago yeah I was uh I was doing that but that was uh that was just my girlfriend so and she’s okay with this what’s up guys I’m Cody strumming from anger picnic and I’m here with my girlfriend Jesse and today we’re gonna be doing hitting on girls in front of my girlfriend [Music] excuse me hi I’m kind of lost right now I’m looking for your number I’ve been searching for it okay what’s your number what’s your name tell us right now I’m looking for your number I’m searching forever I’m so lost right now and I’m looking for your number I’m searching for it for like days now and it’s driving me crazy I was hoping that’s something you’d have it I’ll give you my snapchat your snapchat okay here’s that that’s that’s a good that’s a good start Marley hi what are you doing right now do this challenge so I should get your number then who I’m Cody no I’m just coming up and picking up a girl named Marley please stop well no no I mean I have some friends here I’m just waiting for them to go to class but I’m just I just figured I’d come and get your number really fast I’m crazy is it ma are luy kala nice to meet you I’m Cody you have soft hands is that cocoa butter that’s just regular lotion Lubriderm I feel you come on that Lubriderm life – yeah hi how do they going it’s going good I’ll see you later All Right see you later thank you weird what happened with your girlfriend oh yeah kinda well yeah she’s my girlfriend but uh she like likes when I like pick up girls and like kiss them and stuff oh no she wants that she wants it that’s why she was like okay with that oh yeah she knows what I’m doing yeah yeah you down there’s gonna be it’s gonna be an interesting summer for you Kayla Kayla because you’re gonna you’re gonna go through some weird so what’s your number nine to eight what what do you like to do for fun hey how’s it going I’m late for class okay all right bye okay what was your number six to three was that really your goal yeah hey yeah we have an open relationship so really Wow well I mean she doesn’t mind like she could a she could watch while we know okay well I’ll text you and we’ll figure something out because uh I want you in my life Donna okay all right see you later one six one six two zero two zero are you from here I am so you know exactly where we could hang out and kinda watch a lot watch a lot of of the office like the office like that’s not like my favorite show of all time yeah hey hey haven’t seen you all day I don’t either well I’m gonna be late all right have a good day feel like I’m in one of those YouTube videos or guys pick up girls and like have their reaction you know what I mean what do you talk about oh no that was just my girlfriend that’s okay go hey hey you’re totally right I can’t believe you didn’t see him he’s right there like called like hitting on girls in front of my girlfriend make it super so when you’re at a party what words and phrases to use do you use to a girl to pick her up like sup girl that’s wondering like if you guys know where any strip clubs are around you stir clubs go on Hollywood Hollywood how far away from here does way down there you guys got 733 but right now I need to go lay up bro oh shoot sorry Oh [Music] do I really need to go down in so horny you know hey whoa you guys up to lalla restaurant yeah I think you do let’s go eat oh wow what oh yes mom let’s go eat you hungry you guys looking cute on me if I get what he’s skiing I’m okay sup girl Oh player curl do you look hot from behind dude you look so hot I’m sorry I did it you know how me was like a few directions I like the way you talk man : Thank You Man thanks a minute man you know if you guys know beautiful sunset yeah yes taking pictures of the Instagram I love the sunset ah gives me a boner nicely they go to the side you’re not skating I’m not stupid I asked you to go to the side which I’ll put this shit on your motherfucking pants Paulo get the fuck out of here perverted ass motherfucker I’ll call the fucking cops on your perverted ass okay what I do it’s an accident so random boner I’m sorry I’m sorry

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